The Silencing of No One

The unidentified Protester at Rally said, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”
Peaceful protester pauses to warm his hands outside a conveniently-located All Night Open Fire store.
Who cares what you’re saying, as long as you scream loud enough for everyone to know you’re really mad about The Problem.
Do you realize there’s one of those V for Vendetta guys among you? Because it looks like you’ve all been shoved in a subway train together, and who knows where They will send you, so maybe get to know each other…
Man running from former buddies who want to talk about kneeling for the flag again.
BLM protester with that Swedish Inviso-Mask technology we’ve all heard about.
Greta doesn’t complain about masks over her face. But you do. Guess she’s just tougher.
American politician, kneeling for a murdered American, wearing…non-American symbol, having nothing to do with the murdered George Floyd. Huh…



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John Stephen Walsh

John Stephen Walsh

I write horror, science fiction and weird. Worked in warehouses, schools and social services. My books are on Amazon.