Random Thoughts When I’m Too Tired to Be Admitting This Stuff…

John Stephen Walsh
2 min readJun 17, 2022


Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell are everything that’s wrong with politics today. They engage in the same bitchy, nasty attacks democrats accuse Trump of engaging in, rightly. But they’re being bitchy and nasty for Our Side, so they’re not dividers, they’re Fighters.

Using the evil guy’s tactics doesn’t make you good. It shows that his tactics are working.

That Alton guy on the Food Network and that guy on those talent shows are assholes, and we should reject them. I suspect most people who took some time off from social media would agree. They are tiresome and empty little men.

Here’s the thing: Too much Irony sucks. Many years ago, a smart man named Orson Welles said the problem with America was it didn’t appreciate irony. Then David Letterman came along. Now America is drowning in it’s own irony.

I reject every late night comedian. Hateful, silly, and biased, I have no use for any of them. Gutfeld would be the exception, but can we admit that he’s the nadir of Carson-Letterman Funny Because The Joke Didn’t Land boringness? I’m not sure that’s even a word.

Some people won’t ever accept who you are. It’s so much easier to just be who you are.

You know who should be your model on this? Trump.

Online self-help people are lame. Look at them all. Why are there so many, saying the same thing? Why don’t their ideas WORK?

You are sad? I don’t know how to make you un-sad. Keep living your life. Stop thinking about it so much. I know that seems incredibly glib, but I think it’s the only thing that works. Did the people who pushed back the frontiers of our world give a damn about being loved, liked or accepted? I don’t know. But they kept going.

White men have written many good books.

White men have contributed a great deal to our understanding of the real world.

White men have created many enjoyable entertainments.

White men have made your life better.

You should acknowledge this.

Non-white men have benefitted a great deal from the achievements of white men.

STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS should be called STAR TREK: TRUST ALL WOMEN. It’s funny how they have found ways to try to hide their Wokedness. Rebeca Romajin (sp) iplays the best character. The Strong Womyn characters telling the captain what he should do is LOL funny.

Second-best character is the captain’s hair.

Maybe I’m just too old for Star Trek. That happens, you know. You mature, and you willingly put down childish things, to make room for more mature things.

I wrote this because I can’t sleep. Buy one of my books on Amazon damnit, so I can buy some sleep meds.



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