Maskless Man: Donald Trump is Not Your Da-Da

John Stephen Walsh
3 min readJun 29, 2020

Watch the faces of those on TV complaining about our mask-free president.

I just read the opinion that Donald Trump is guilty of killing thousands because he won’t be seen wearing a mask.

He observes the most basic of the warnings we’ve been given since day one: Don’t get sneezed on by sick people.

“Wear a mask,” he said. Repeatedly. So did the doctors, Fauci and the other one, who everyone got mad about because Trump called her by her first name, because when he did that everyone forgot she was a doctor, forever.

(Why must they force us to keep calling them ‘snowflakes,’ these tough people who claim they don’t get bothered by no stinking MAGAs?)

Trump doesn’t want to wear a mask. He keeps his distance. He doesn’t get sneezed on.

But he is killing people because of his example.

He’s normalizing not wearing a mask.

Who do viewers of television news see more of — Trump, or the people who host hours of programming?

The man on the right was ill with COVID-19 while he made these TV appearances. How many died because sick people thought, “Hey, I guess I don’t need to wear a mask if HE doesn’t”?
Waiting to ask a damning COVID question…WAIT, where’s MY mask?
Well, she kept it on for the CNN camera….
April, when the virus was pretty famous. No masks. Clearly, Trump didn’t dress them that morning.
I thought this wasn’t a laughing matter?
Outdoors. But I thought the masks were for showing a good example? That woman thinks so. And why aren’t you leaving space between you? Does Trump have to tell you to maybe not sit so closely together?
It’s okay to whip off the mask when you think your Orange Man Bad Moment has come…
We really need to do something about the reading programs in New York schools.

What about other public figures — will they be mentioned in the inevitable lawsuits for not being a good example for people who presumably can dress themselves and see to their medical needs?

You’ve known what to do with a mask from day one. Everyone has.

Stop whining.



John Stephen Walsh

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