Charts: White Supremacy, Black Separatism, Anti-Muslim Hate

It’s difficult to get a number for how many white supremacists there are in the United States. Unlike race-centered groups as Black Lives Matter, members are not open about belonging. (I guess. It seems awfully convenient for doom-crying journalists who want to report on unprecedented rise in evil whitey.)

The way such things are counted is not based on the amount of white milk consumed, but by the number of white supremacy groups that are tracked by those who track such things.

So let’s turn to those who look at such things to see just how many of these people we’re dealing with.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were 110 KKK groups in 2000. The number was at its highest — 221 — in 2011, and last year was at 130.

What strikes me as very off is the loss of over half the number of such groups in 2014, and then the jump in 2015. How many people are in these groups if they’re able to dissolve so quickly? If we’re talking thousands in each group (we’re not, apparently), there must have been some massive assault on them in 2014. I don’t recall such a thing, but I’ll check it out.

For comparison, here is the SPLC graph for black separatist groups in the same period:

It seems like there is a fairly steady trend here, but notice there was no loss in membership of equal or even similar number in 2014. And while the kkk groups went up and then down again, the bs groups have been climing steadily to their highest number since 2000.

Here’s a chart of kkk membership in previous decades, not by number of groups, but by number of members:

We can’t make a like-to-like comparison but the number of kkk members is estimated to be from 5,000 to 10,000 members today, comparable to the late seventies and early eighties. Clearly this is nothing like the numbers even fifty years ago, at the height of the civil rights era. The numbers est. today are 10–20% of that.

The number of anti-Muslim hate groups is at a high of 120 — again, this doesn’t give us much in terms of membership numbers, which you’d think would be important to know.

Compare with the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes reported. Note that these are not specified as to the severity of the crimes, such as murder or bullying, and there are irregularities in how states report hate crimes. The number, according to NBC’s article, “skyrocketed” to 257 crimes.

SPLC doesn’t have much on either Antifa or membership in any Muslim equivalent of BLM or white separatist groups. I find that curious.

Looking at the data, I’m not sure about the danger in a nation of 350 million of a group with less than 10,000 members. I’m curious about the lack of interest in the number of Antifa members, and the broad latitude given Muslim groups such as CAIR. SPLC doesn’t seem to think there are any violent or anti-America or pro-Sharia groups in the U.S. I’m sure they have their reasons.

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