Biden the Moral Catholic Democrat

Hail Biden, the blue-collar, military veteran, kind, smart insider while still being one of The Little People, who rescued us from the Cult of Orange Man.

How could we be so lucky as to be worthy of a regular down-to-Earth Normal guy, who cares for the downtrodden and the poor, like a folksy Grandpa?

We’re not worthy, and yet, here we are, gifted with this wise DC insider who knows how to reach across the aisle, who isn’t divisive, who would never attack a fellow American just because they don’t agree. Why, Biden is pals with all kinds of people, unlike The Previous Guy.

Biden with Joe Manchin and a former KKK member. Reaching across the aisle.

Biden has been in public office for half a century. And he didn’t have no ‘bone spurs’ like TPG.

Biden was a regular guy, proud of leaving the senate as the ‘poorest’ senator. The Big Guy only cared about getting enough to keep the lights on while he fought for The Little Guy!

His net worth is a piddling $9 million dollars — just like most ‘civil servants’!

He’s a man of Integrity. No big money from suspicious foreigners in HIS background!

Since coming back from Saudi Arabia — where he made those rich oligarchs pariahs…

That’s showin’ ’em, Joe!

…Joe has been taking it easy lately. He hasn’t been taking as much time off as TPG, though!

The best thing about Catholic Moral Grampy Joe is that he hasn’t allowed those rightwing fascists to use the government to go after his political enemies, the way Drumpf did. What an honorable Catholic Blue Collar Democrat Joe is!

Grampy Joe has cast out the unfaithful from the White House. He’s showing us what moral leadership is all about.

The thing about Honest, Moral Joe is you just can’t stop writing about his rock-solid Catholic morality and reaching across the aisle to half of the country, the ones who didn’t vote for him. Such a unifier!

I could go on and on about Moral, Folksy, Smart Grampy Regular Guy Joe, but I gotta stop somewhere — the Internet is only so big, and it can’t contain all of his wisdom and quickness.

So I’ll end with today, when Joe sat there staring while a woman suggested taking Viagra off the market and having all men have vasectomies. Because on this I’m definitely with Joe — staring into space, having no idea what the Hell is going on in my country.

Our incredible, phony, empty, stupid president. But he gets to stay — ignorant as always, lying daily as always, now with the added bonus of being mentally unfit for anything more complex than bagging groceries — because abortion.

What a country.



I write horror, science fiction and weird. Worked in warehouses, schools and social services. My books are on Amazon.

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John Stephen Walsh

I write horror, science fiction and weird. Worked in warehouses, schools and social services. My books are on Amazon.