It’s approve of something you don’t like, or you’re evil.

Joy Reid, who for years gleefully attacked anyone on the right for any reason handy, claimed hackers made up her published ideas about gay sex acts. She’s finally come clean, sort of, and will end up being allowed into the Progressive fold because she’s a hypocrite, but she’s a hypocrite for the correct side, and has a show.

She is a liar. She is also someone who finds homosexuality not her thing. She claims she’s changed her mind, and no doubt rents gay porn by the ton, as only a bigot wouldn’t.

Why didn’t she just say, “Looking at two guys turns me off, but that’s their business”?

She didn’t because she knows that would be a ticket to the unemployment line.

At some point, liberal America decided that simply supporting something being legal because citizens wanted that was no longer enough — now, complete endorsement is required.

Tolerance is no longer tolerated.

Whatever the issue — abortion, homosexual behavior, transsexuality, the last Star Wars movie — one must be a full-throated fan, an advocate, a cheerleader.


Saying, “I’m not into that, but I support YOUR right to be into it” is the same as saying if you had your way you’d like all them gays and Strong Women marched into gas chambers.

We are careening towards a bland, horrible conformity in this society, and it’s happening rapidly.

A color-blind society was once the demand of the left. Now, the left calls such an idea racist. The left came up with the idea, demanded everyone adopt it, and now attacks anyone who believes it as a bigot.

Free speech itself is considered suspect. The Free Speech movement was, for decades, the crown jewel of the American Left’s activist past. “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it” was the left’s slogan.


I’ve actually read leftists write that “hate speech” isn’t protected by the first amendment. If not to protect speech some would find objectionable, WHY does the first amendment exist? To protect people’s ability to say, “What a nice day it is!” or “Everything is awesome!”? That sort of speech doesn’t need protection. (This is basic stuff that’s beyond some of today’s ‘liberal-minded’ sorts.)

The American left is the new Moral Majority.

And the left now demands you not only endorse what they support, you’d better LIKE it.

For decades, Hollywood beat its chest about the horrors of the blacklist, making films about Dalton Trumbo and other victims of something Hollywood itself created in order to keep the big money flowing from the very Americans Hollywood so clearly loathes.

Hollywood has been very quiet about McCarthyism and the blacklist for about a year now. It’s like they hope young people will forget all that even existed.

Combine this with the idea that there can be no separation between one’s personal beliefs and what one believes should be protected for others, and you see a nation that is marching, happily, towards a conformity of thought liberals used to warn against.

Ted Kennedy, beloved icon of the left, was against abortion, and also one of the most reliably pro-choice votes in the senate. This did not indicate a change of position, though — he was both at the same time. He was not called a hypocrite — in fact, he received overwhelming praise for believing one thing while voting with those who were against that belief.

Kennedy was “personally opposed” to abortion. He led the charge against Robert Bork joining the Supreme Court with the claim that Bork’s ascendance would lead to outlawing abortion — something Kennedy claimed he was against. Again, this was not seen as hypocrisy, and there was never the claim that he did so merely to gain votes by going against his conscience. This was proof he could separate his personal beliefs in exchange for what his constituents wanted.

Remember when the right tried to make something of Hillary Clinton talking about private ideas and public ideas? The story came and went, and didn’t really go anywhere. I think that’s because no one was surprised that a politician — or a Clinton — was speaking out of both sides of her mouth. But it was also an uncomfortable reminder that the left espouses so many ideas that leftists themselves don’t actually believe. They just think OTHER people SHOULD believe them.

We are a schizophrenic society. And the left is trying to make it moreso, while punishing those who let the truth slip out, which is that most people support other people’s rights to do things we might not want to do ourselves.

No one thinks Joy Reid is really sorry for her feelings. The troubling part is that knowing this, the left just demands she spout the right words.

We are seeing the death of the idea that I can support YOU doing something I find distasteful — or even disgusting.

That should alarm us. It doesn’t. It should especially alarm the party of the Free Speech movement. Instead, the dnc is embracing it.

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