With apologies to Jerome Bixby and Rod Serling

It’s a REAL GOOD THING that Democrats ran away from their jobs in Texas and spread COVID in DC while pulling this pointless stunt! Oh, I think it’s just GREAT, and so does EVERYONE ELSE!

They’re smiling! They MUST be the Good Guys! (Lot of whiteness, though…)

And who could think it’s bad that…

You ‘resisted’ while crying about ‘unity.’ But don’t worry; no one ever believed you wanted to unite with people you think are dumb and evil. Some of us DO wonder about all your supposed love for diversity, though. …

VANISHING ON 7th STREET does such a good job at creating a nightmare situation that I happily ignore the truly dumb plot element that could make you dismiss the whole movie. Though you have to get past a major flaw in its logic, its situation is genuinely nightmarish.

No Anakin jokes here, just an ugly cover.

One night…

In the near-future, the world’s computers have been linked into a planet-wide uber-machine called Computer One, which controls pretty much everything, from energy production to machinery.  Humanity is free to live leisurely.

Professor Yakuda studies insect colonies. What Yakuda’s research tells him is that Computer One has reached the point…

Fans of horror fiction who only read novels are missing out on the very best horror fiction ever written. The short story is the perfect length to deliver shocks and scares and get out before too many improbabilities. Any horror fan wishing to bone up on the marrow of the…

Looking at Medium’s All Hate Trump selections on my Suggested For You list, I remember how this used to be a place that, like liberal Democrats of the past, genuinely seemed interested in diversity of thought.

But I also thought of something more personal. We’ve all had people we were very close to who we drifted away from. You remember the good stuff, and wonder why you stopped hanging out. …

“There’s no ‘cancel culture, you conservative snowflakes!” the Democrats lied

For decades, the American Left in general and then, starting in the eighties, the Democrats in particular, told us one of the greatest sins in America’s history was…

You thought I was going to write, ‘slavery,’ didn’t you?

Nope. That…

I’m gonna SPOIL everything, because I don’t want you to be miserable.


I like depressing movies. I like movies that are merely “downbeat.”

Tarkovsky, Ozu, Peckinpah, Fincher, Bergman.

Movies that get my Two Thumbs…

A List Based on What’s On Medium and Whatever’s Playing in the Background While I Typed This

This subject is too important for a lengthy intro: Here’s the list.

black reaction gifs

Quentin Tarantino movies

white liberals


not liking riots

pointing out that police kill more whites than blacks

Watch the faces of those on TV complaining about our mask-free president.

I just read the opinion that Donald Trump is guilty of killing thousands because he won’t be seen wearing a mask.

He observes the most basic of the warnings we’ve been given since day one: Don’t get sneezed…

John Stephen Walsh

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